Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Over ten requests for the manuscript. Three rejections. Ugh!!!! Rejections blow.

I open my email every morning, sometimes before I even pee. Whenever I see an email from an agent my stomach falls. The chances are better than good that it is going to be a rejection letter. Either "no I don’t even want to look at your manuscript" or "I looked and I didn’t like". Those are the worst.

I did have one agent give me a personalized rejection letter. He gave me some advice about why he didn’t choose to represent my novel. Thanks! Only, the thing is, what he wanted is what I worked really hard to not do.

I don’t like reading novels that get so caught up in the wind blowing through the chick’s hair that you loose the story. I skim over that stuff.

What about you? Who likes all the nitty-gritty details?

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