Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have well over 200 views of my manuscript on Scribd. Where are all of my comments?

Special thanks to my good friends the Hemerts for posting!

Also if anyone wants to read silly, inside joke hiakus check out Janet Reids blog. My hiaku is the one under Ana.

Friday, July 3, 2009

If you send an email to eredsage@gmail.com you will be entered to win two free paperbacks. Be sure to put a link to this blog in the body of the email to be entered.

By doing so you will enter yourself and me into the contest. Win, win right!

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Great Reference

I recently read a book by an author I have never read before and without it being a recommendation. This doesn't often happen.

Carolyn Jewel's Scandal was the perfect break from the line of books I have been reading. (I am addicted to Jane Ann Krentz right now.)

Ms. Jewel has some wonderful advice for writers on her webpage that I reference all of the time. In return for her information I thought it only fair that I purchase one of her books. Scandal was my fist Carolyn Jewel purchase, but most certainly will not be the last. I plan to read My Forbidden Desire when I am done with my current read. I also look forward to viewing her backlist.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mistakes already

Oops. On page 13, i think, chapter two starts, but it is labeled chapter four.

Thanks to Elise for catching it.

The bear poops in the woods

My oldest is, for the most part, potty trained. This is great news because I had two in diapers for over two years. My diaper bill was cut in half. Woo, who! Another benefit is that my assembly line just got shorter. You see, I do in-home day care and so for over two years, Monday thru Friday, I had four children, all under three years old, in diapers. That’s a lot of poop!

Now to the point of my story…..

I’m standing in my kitchen doing dishes and I look out the window to watch my children play. My oldest is bent over with her dress pulled up to her chin and her bare bum sticking out in the breeze. Through the window I say, “No! Don’t go potty outside. Get in here.” (We have a dog and she thinks it is magic when her pee disappears into the grass. NO! We don’t encourage this behavior.)

By the time I get outside she has put her dress back in place, raises her arms in the air and chimes “I did it mommy, I did it!" with an ever pround grin spread across her face. I look down and she had dropped a load right there in our back yard.

Thank heavens for tall fences!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What is Wake Up about?

Here is a blip that might give you an idea about what the book is about.

Andy and Kent are wildly in love. The-I wish I had it. That never happens. Send tingles down my spine- kind of love. It all happened by chance and in a fly by the seat of your pants fashion.

When Andy dies, all she knows is that she hasn’t had enough. She tells heaven to go to hell and stays with Kent. While in the process of “haunting” Kent she gets herself locked in sweltering cars, smell-bad bathrooms and even resorts to crawling through a doggy door, that’s right, a doggy door, to get into Kent’s house. Being a ghost isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Kent has no idea she’s there.

Her first glimmer of hope comes when Summer, a pseudo body snatcher, introduces herself to Andy and shows her some tricks of the trade.

Pass it on

I forgot to add that if you like, or don't like, my manuscript please let anyone who you think would know about my blog.


Manuscript for Wake Up

Drum roll please..............................

Here is the first link to my manuscript for Wake Up! It the first hundred or so pages. I will post more in the future if there is interest.

If you read it please please please leave a comment, or at least sign your name so I know who has looked.